Prospective students

Prospective students

Join the sports centre and get to know the sports we have on offer before you start with your studies.

The USC is more than just sport and action. It’s the mix of sociability, fitness, strength, dance, sports and games that gets you working out every week. An additional benefit is that you will meet new people very quickly. It is also the ideal way to vent during a busy exam period.

Prospective students now receive € 25 discount on their annual subscription! Instead of paying € 175,20 * you pay € 150,20* to do sports for a whole year (* including €12,50 registration fee). (valid from July 1, 2019 to September 15, 2019).

You can do unlimited sports less than € 12.50 per month!

Other discounts

Year membership USC The Hague: € 120,10 (including registration fee)
Year membership USC Leiden and USC The Hague: € 191,50 (including registration fee)
6 months membership USC Leiden € 108,10 (including registration fee)
6 months membership USC The Hague € 88,70 (including registration fee)
6 months membership USC Leiden and The Hague: €135,10 (including registration fee)

The 6 months memberships can only be bought at the front desk of the USC Leiden, Plex-Fit or The Buzz.

Sports on offer

Once you've bought a membership you can participate in the following sports: Aerial Acrobatics / Aerobics / Bachata / Badminton / Ballet / Ballet Barre Workout / Ballroom Dancing / Basketball / Body Shake / Body Shape / Boxing / Boot Camp / Belly Dancing / Abdominal Muscle Training / Club Power / Club Yoga / Fitness Training to Music / Dance Yoga / Fencing / Fitness / Football / Gladiator Workout / Hatha Yoga / Hiphop / Street Dance / Hockey / Hooping / Irish Dance / River Dance / Jiu Jitsu / Judo / Karate / Kick Boxing / Kizomba / Lacrosse / Lambazouk / Mindfulness / Modern Dance / Modern Jazz / Pilates / Pole Fitness / Power Yoga / Raja Yoga / Restorative Yoga / Rock ‘n’ Roll / Rugby / Running / Salsa / Spinning / Steps / Stretching / Tae Bo / Table Tennis / Taido / Tango / Tap Dancing / Tennis / Ultimate Frisbee / (Beach) Volleyball / Water Polo / Indoor Football (competition) / Swimming / Yin Yoga / Zumba

Student Sport Associations

You can also join a student sport association: LUSV (Badminton), LUSV (Basketball), Thor (Hockey), Leicrosse (Lacrosse), Leidance (Dancing), LSRG (Rugby), Football Factory (Football), SKC (Volleyball), Qravel (Tennis), Panic (Ultimate Frisbee), Aquamania (Waterpolo and Swimming).

Register online

Go to, register and save €25,- on a year membership for the USC Leiden! Or buy your membership when you sign up for the EL CID week on the EL CID site or for the OWL week on the OWL site. After buying your membership, have it activated at our Front Desk or at Plex-Fit.

You can also buy one of our other discount memberships, see above.

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