​Are you ready to make a splash?

​Are you ready to make a splash?

​Are you ready to make a splash?

​Are you ready to make a splash?

Join the USC Leiden swimming community and discover the perfect blend of fitness and fun. Whether you're looking to stay active, improve your health, or simply relax, our swimming program has something for everyone!

Why Swim at USC Leiden?

  • Total Body Workout: Swimming engages all major muscle groups, helping you stay toned and strong.
  • Joint-Friendly: Water supports your body, reducing strain on joints and easing stiff muscles.
  • Burn Calories: Exercise in water burns more calories, making your workouts efficient and effective.
  • Boost Stamina: Regular swimming improves your heart, lung function, and overall stamina.
  • Relaxation: Experience a tranquil, stress-free environment as you glide through the water.

* With your USC Leiden sports subscription, you can swim for free during designated times at two convenient locations in Leiden and four locations in The Hague.

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Join Aquamania

Take your swimming to the next level by joining Aquamania, our swimming and water polo association. Enjoy specialized training and compete in exciting events! Contact Aquamania at bestuur@aquamanialeiden.nl for more information.

Reserve Your Spot Easily

Booking your swim sessions has never been easier! Simply reserve your spot by using the USC Leiden App. Dive into our community and stay balanced by combining swimming with fitness and group classes. Ready to Make a Splash? Don't wait! Dive into the benefits of swimming with USC Leiden today and start your aquatic journey. See you at the pool!

Posted on 22 May 2024, at 02:16 PM

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