Navigating University Life with the help of Sports

Navigating University Life with the help of Sports

Navigating University Life with the help of Sports

Navigating University Life with the help of Sports

Meet Sári: From Budapest to Leiden, she's been navigating university life with the help of sports. Discover her journey and insights into the transformative power of staying active at the University Sports Centre.

Sport has always been a constant in my life, but I only really realized it’s importance once I started university. Moving to a new country, diving into an intense study routine, and navigating independent living can be challenging. Engaging in sports not only gave me much needed free time to clear my head but also became a reliable source of joy and stability.

Therefore, to this day, I make sure to do it every day-or at least as often as I can.

While having engaged in group sports in the past, nowadays I mostly go individually, either run outside or go to the Fitness and exercise there.

I joined the USC as I moved houses and it just happened to be located right next to it, but also because it offers a wide range of sports. It’s the perfect place for people to explore different activities and find something they enjoy.

My advice to students considering joining is to definitely do so!

First check out the types of sports/courses offered in case you want to sport together with other people, or just come individually if you prefer that like I do. You’ll likely find something that you’ll enjoy, new to learn, or simply brighten your day with!

And here's the exciting news: next week everyone can join the Open Sports Week at USC Leiden! Explore all USC Leiden locations in Leiden and The Hague for free from May 13 to May 19! Bring your roommate, sports buddy, colleague, or friend and dive into the diverse sports offerings at the USC. Attend group classes, explore the fitness facilities, and enjoy outdoor sports in the sun. Plus, during the Open Sports Week, you can grab a Summer Subscription at a discounted rate. Find more info on the USC Leiden website! When are you going to kickstart your fitness journey?

Posted on 8 May 2024, at 03:20 PM

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