Open Sports Week 2022

Open Sports Week 2022

Open Sports Week 2022

Free admission to the USC

Open Sports Week 2022

From May 16 until May 22 everyone gets free admission to the University Sports Centre in Leiden and The Hague during the Open Sports Week. Also PlexFit in the city centre will be freely accessible. This whole week you can take your roommate, sports buddy, colleague, or friend to your favorite group classes or do a workout in one of our gyms for free.

Check out our ‘USC Leiden’ app to see when and where your classes will start. During the Open Sports Week you can not only just sport for free, you can also purchase a Summer Subscription with a discount!

Registration for the Open Sports Week starts on May 2nd and is possible through our website ( or our app (Android of iOS). When registering, select the subscription: 'Open Sportweek 2022' and exercise for free all week!

Summer Subscription

The Summer Subscription is valid from May 16 till until August 31, 2022. The price for our Summer Subscription is only € 45,-! Please note: you can purchase the Summer Subscription form May 16 until June 12, 2022.

Posted on 28 April 2022, at 04:24 PM

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