​Sustainability within the USC

​Sustainability within the USC

​Sustainability within the USC

​Sustainability within the USC

Didi van Berge Henegouwen and Mark Siezenga are the sustainability coordinators of the University Sports Centre. They are responsible for the sustainability initiatives organised by the USC. For example, in 2019, they organised the Bio Science Park Plogging & Cleanup event. Next to that, they strive to improve sustainability within the USC itself. In 2021, they started sharing tips on sustainability through social media.

Didi van Berge Henegouwen

I am currently employed as a back-office employee at the USC, I additionally became sustainability coordinator in October of 2018. In my daily life, I think a lot about sustainability. I regularly contribute to charities with a focus on sustainability and environment. For example, in 2019, my boyfriend and I raised funds for the WWF Sea Swim. Besides that, I try to shop for groceries in a sustainable manner; I tend to buy biological and seasonal produce without overbuying, to prevent food wastage. I also actively try to make my family and friends more aware of current issues regarding sustainability.

As sustainability coordinators at the USC, we are continually trying to increase the awareness and involvement of our members. With our weekly posts on social media, we try to motivate our members to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. We hope to be able to organize activities again in 2021, like the Bio Science Park Plogging & Cleanup event of 2019.

Mark Siezenga

I have been sustainability coordinator of the USC since the start of 2018. Besides my job as ICT-support and Front-Office employee, I am committed to living a more sustainable life.

At the moment, I am improving my house with recent sustainable technologies. Solar panels, blinds, and additional insulation within walls are several changes which bring our house closer to Energy Label A. Other ways in which I try contribute to a more sustainable society is through waste separation and through buying leftover groceries using the “Too Good to Go” app. These are only slight changes in my daily routine, yet they make an important difference for the environment.

Due to COVID, we are trying to reach as many people as possible through social media with tips, tricks, news, and ideas on sustainability. As soon as we are allowed to, we will organise more activities outside. For example, at the end of March, we will help clean up the canals of Leiden while standup paddleboarding. An ideal opportunity to use sports to contribute to the betterment of the environment. Should you have any fun ideas or suggestions, please let us know! Who knows, we might be able to make Leiden and its surroundings more sustainable together.

Posted on 12 February 2021, at 05:30 PM

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