Warm Sweater Day!

Warm Sweater Day!

Warm Sweater Day!

Warm Sweater Day!

Are you turning down the heater at home this Friday with us?

Teeth chattering, shivering from the cold! And are you also down from missing the cuddles to warm you up? Stop the worrying! Because on Friday the 5th of February your sweater will be the warm hug you missed so much! And more importantly, you are also helping the world with saving up energy. Yes, we are happy to announce it is “Warm Sweater Day” again!

Did you know by turning down the heater with only 1 degree Celsius, you will save up 6% CO2 and 6% energy?

If we do this for only one day, we are saving up the annual consumption of three islands of the Wadden Islands. Together we can influence the change on our climate , and that’s what “Warm Sweater Day” stands for!

None other than our king Willem-Alexander is also joining “Warm Sweater Day”. He said: ”You pull on a warm sweater, a small contribution. But if everyone does the same, it’s a large contribution on energy saving. If it was up to king Willem Alexander, everyone and every day we should lower the heater for one or two degrees and pull on a warm sweater.

Also the LUGO has set up a fun giveaway event! Make your own selfie and share this on Instagram with #warmsweaterdayLU. Show to everyone you warm up yourself instead of the world!

Posted on 3 February 2021, at 10:34 AM

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