relaxation of corona measures usc

relaxation of corona measures usc

relaxation of corona measures usc

starting from Thursday November 19

relaxation of corona measures usc

In the press conference Tuesday November 17, it became clear that the additional package of measures introduced two weeks ago will end on Thursday, November 19. That’s some very good news! This means from Thursday on, we can start again with giving group lessons on location and swimming pools will reopen.

To clarify, we are going back to the situation of two weeks ago. Below you will find an overview of all rules that are valid for the University Sports Centre Leiden and The Hague as of Thursday 19 November.


  • Group lessons in indoor sports are allowed again, only if it’s possible to keep 1.5 meters apart.
  • For indoor sports, a maximum of 30 people is allowed per independent space. So a maximum of 30 people in the group lessons, if the 1.5m distance can be guaranteed.
  • All changing rooms/showers at our locations stay closed.
  • The online classes (via IG TV and Teams) are canceled from Thursday, November 19.


Our bar/restaurant will remain closed.

Changing rooms

The changing rooms will stay closed indefinitely at all our locations. Sporters can take any bags into the hall and/or fitness. The lockers in the corridor of the USC will remain available. However, we ask everyone to show up at a location dressed. This prevents crowds at the lockers.

Departure via emergency exits

If you have finished exercising and you have not put any things in a locker, please leave directly via the emergency exits of the room where you have exercised. This way we prevent too many people from being present in the hallways at the same time.

Registration rules group lessons and fitness

All registration rules for group lessons and fitness are clearly listed at As you can see, registration times remain unchanged (from 9 p.m. for the next day for Leiden locations, from 10 p.m. for the next day for The Hague location).

In addition, we would like to mention again that you must check in yourself before the start of a class, using a QR code at the entrance of the relevant room. This can be done up to 10 minutes before the start of a lesson. This also applies to the USC cardio fitness downstairs. It is not necessary for training in the first floor USC Fitness, Plex-Fit and The Buzz: registration there goes via the entrance gate. There, you can enter max. 5 minutes before the start of your training.


The following applies to the USC main building: the fitness time blocks remain unchanged. The cardio fitness downstairs will also continue to exist.

The following applies to Plex-Fit: 8 people can participate in the circuit training at the standard times. No further changes.

For The Buzz applies: group lessons will continue in the Round Dance. In HIIT, 5 people can participate. HIIT hours will be: 8.10-9.10 hrs and 19.40-20.40 hrs Monday-Friday and 13.30-14.30 hrs on Saturday and Sunday.

Contact sports

All group lessons with normal contact (martial arts, partner dance, etc.) can still not take place in their original form. Alternative trainings will be provided for the following sports: boxing, karate, salsa, bachata, zouk, ballroom dancing and pole fitness. The jiu jitsu and kickboxing training sessions stay canceled.

Free sports indoors

Free sports are allowed indoors, within the applicable rules. Reservations for indoor sports are only possible by e-mail ( Free sports for contact sports are still not allowed. No (indoor) football or volleyball. Basketball with more than 1 person is not allowed, unless it concerns specific (shot) training that can be done 1.5m apart. Badminton is only possible in singles, so doubles are not allowed. For budo sports, you may reserve a room if you keep 1.5m distance. Partner dances are only allowed if the dancers are 1.5m apart.

We noticed that many halls have been left empty, especially during the day. If you are interested in renting a room for your own use, please email us.

Free sports outside

Only free tennis is allowed. All other free sports outside are still not allowed. We decided this because our other outdoor sports are all contact sports and we cannot continuously monitor the sports fields. For tennis: a maximum of 4 players per court.

Changed opening hours weekend

Until the end of this year, the USC closes on Saturdays at 6:00 PM instead of 8:30 PM. Start time for sports on the weekend is 8.30 am, end time for sports on the weekend is 5.40 pm (Saturday and Sunday).

Face masks

Wearing face masks remains obligated.

More information

Additional information about the corona measures with regard to sports from the national government can be found here: and here:

As a team we hope everyone will still adhere to the rules, so everyone feels safe to come and play sports with us. Take care of yourself, stay healthy and see you soon!

Posted on 18 November 2020, at 04:20 PM

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