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Important notice: The board of Hogeschool Leiden has decided to terminate the collaboration between Leiden University and Hogeschool Leiden, allowing HSL students to access USC sports facilities at a reduced rate. Therefore, it will no longer be possible to use the student rate for sports from August 1, 2024. We want to provide you with as much information as possible about the new arrangement that will be in effect.

Here are the key changes and rules:

Existing Subscriptions
For all HSL students who currently have a USC subscription valid beyond August 31, 2024, nothing will change. The subscription will not be shortened, and no additional payment is required.

Purchase of Subscriptions
HSL students can still purchase a USC subscription at the student rate until August 1, 2024, for the period up to August 31, 2024. This means:

Purchase Location
The mentioned subscriptions at the student rate can only be purchased at the USC, Plex-Fit, and The Buzz receptions. It is no longer possible to buy the subscription online at the student rate.

Adjustments from August 2, 2024
Starting from August 2, HSL students can only purchase subscriptions at the external rate. We understand that this change has an impact and thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions about the termination of the collaboration or need more information, we kindly refer you to Hogeschool Leiden, reachable at: info@hsleiden.nl.


It is still possible to purchase a subscription at the USC after this period. The external rate is also an affordable option which provides you access to all our facilities.


Our all-in membership grants you access to our three gyms where you can work on your fitness and strength: the ‘USC’ on Einsteinweg, ‘PlexFit’ in Plexus located right in the heart of Leiden and 'The Buzz' in The Hague. They all have a wide range of cardio and strength training equipment as well as professional trainers who are on hand to offer free advice.


As well as our excellent gym facilities we also offer lessons in more than 55 different sports: from ballet to self defence sports, from yoga to spinning and from pole fitness to boxing. And there’s more. You can also swim for free at the Combibad De Vliet and De Zijl pools in Leiden and Overbosch, Houtzagerij, Hofbad and Zuiderpark in The Hague during designated times.


Members of the USC can reserve fields or sports halls for free sports practice without the supervision of a teacher or association.


As a member of the USC you can also join one of the following student sports associations:

LUSV Badminton, LUSV Basketball, Thor (hockey), Leicrosse (lacrosse), Qravel (tennis), LSRG (rugby), Football Factory (football), Leidance (dance), SKC (volleyball) and Aquamania (water polo and swimming). As well as offering a healthy dose of sporting pleasure, these associations also organise parties, tournaments, sports weekends and other fun activities.

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