Corona rules USC

Corona rules USC

Corona rules USC

All athletes, trainers and users of the USC must adhere to these rules. If these rules are broken, measures will be taken by the USC. Measures may consist of (temporary) denial of access to the USC facilities, cancellation of association training activities or removal from membership.

Take in all these rules. The USC employees and trainers assume that you are aware of all rules.

General rules

General USC Rules

Tennis rules

Hockey rules

Football rules

Rugby rules

Volleyball rules

Group lessons rules

USC personal are at location for questions and instructions about the hygiene rules

Important notice: Activities at the USC during this Pandemic are under strict conditions. Read the Rules and Conditions carefully.


Our parking area is closed. After 17:00hr and during the weekends the parking spot of the Gorleaus area is open.

Dropout classes

We e-mail all the participants in cases of bad weather. Morning classes are mailed at 20.00hr the evening before. Evening classes at 12.00hr noon.

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