Rules of use for sports fields

Rules of use for sports fields

Use of fields

  1. Enter the fields only by way of the entrance gate(s) and not by climbing over the fence. Only walk on the paved pathways when accessing the fields. This avoids sand and other organic materials being brought onto the fields.
  2. Make sure the soles of your shoes are free of mud, grass and other matter.
  3. Access to the fields is restricted to players, supervisors, trainers and referees only. Only the permitted footwear may be worn. Spectators and other visitors are not allowed onto the fields.
  4. Food and chewing gum is not permitted on the field. Smoking and glassware are strictly prohibited.
  5. If the ball should go over the fence during the game, ask a spectator to return it to you. Do not walk through the grass and mud to retrieve it. Only use the entrance gates and do not climb over the fence.
  6. Use the brushes and mats for cleaning your shoes before entering the field.
  7. Sports clothing must always been worn during sporting activities.

Use of equipment

Only the goals provided may be used. Return the folding and moveable goals to their proper place after use. Avoid dragging goals over the artificial grass and always use two people to carry them. Bicycles and other vehicles are not permitted on the fields.


Wintery conditions

The fields cannot be used in the winter period if:

Rubber granules

Shake out your clothing thoroughly after each training session. Rubber granules can cause damage to washing machines. The USC is not responsible for any damage caused by these rubber granules.

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