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Judo is not something you can do alone at the USC; you need each other to practise. You learn from and help each other. Judo is a sport that asks for a huge amount of versatility in movement. Pushing, pulling, disrupting balance, maintaining balance yourself, throwing, controlling, right and left. The rules are simple. There are few technical and tactical rules to this sport, which makes it accessible for everyone.

Judo training at the USC is for both beginners and advanced athletes. Because you train almost all of your muscles in a fun and challenging way, it is ideal for working on your stamina, strength and coordination. In addition to this, you’ll become an expert in falling techniques which will continue to be a benefit even at an advanced age. On to the next belt!

Sport schedule 2017-2018

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No schedule for this sport has been announced as of yet.


Want to emerge a winner more often than not in judo; want to be able to throw even better and faster? These days practicing only judo won’t be enough. Mark Huizinga and Dennis van der Geest didn’t win world and Olympic titles through judo training alone. A set part of the training schedule for every judoka these days is strength training.


The modern judoka needs explosive strength coupled with great balance, flexibility and agility. Speed and motor function need to be highly developed. With a specialised training schedule you will increase not only your strength as a judoka but also your core stability and muscle stamina. Ask our fitness instructors for a training schedule to fit your needs.


In judo there are belts of different colours. Up to the black belt the idea is: the darker the colour, the higher the level. Generally speaking, you receive a higher belt when you take an exam. You can also earn a higher belt through special promotions, by winning a championship for example. A beginner wears a white belt, after which the order is yellow, orange, green, blue, brown and finally black.


If you would like to come and join in judo class, you are more than welcome.  It is always possible to walk in and train with us.  The trainer will be happy to offer advice as to which group you should start out in.  Only by giving it a go will you find out how much fun it can be!  We offer you the chance to get to know this multi-faceted sport in an easily accessible way. 

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